Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty Find: Nivea Lotion Express

I never thought lotion (loção hidratante) would be a topic worth writing about until I discovered this holy grail of hydration from Nivea. Its label in Brazil is Lotion Express - Hidratação Prolongada. The best part is I only bought it because of its size in comparison to the other bottles in the aisle, not because I knew what magic was inside.

Throughout college and the few years following my best friend and I frequently (and rather aimlessly) browsed the beauty aisles of drugstores, always in search of a new product that would somehow be life changing. It took several years, a few cities, and a new country, but I think I've finally found it.

What makes this lotion special is exactly what's inferred in its name -- Express. Nivea Lotion Express dries almost immediately after being applied to skin. No more feelings of melting slime dripping down your legs on a hot summer day. This is especially important for anyone living in a hot or humid climate, like São Paulo (or all the cities I've called home in the US). It's not for people who want a thick buttery coating on their skin, but is perfect for all day wear and doesn't transfer to clothes.

The US version, called Nivea Express Hydration, can be ordered on Amazon or 

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