Thursday, May 31, 2012

Needlepoint Cosmetic Case

I needlepointed this cosmetic case for a bridal shower gift. Success! This type of project makes a thoughtful, personalized gift and is perfect for people at all levels of creative skill.

Experts can draw their own designs on a blank canvas and choose their preferred project, finishing, and threads. Intermediates may want to go with an existing design, seek a second opinion on the right threads, and return the project to a store or expert for finishing. For beginners, there are excellent kits available which include a fully constructed object that doesn't require finishing, along with the appropriate threads, needle, and instructions. With all of these options, needlepointing can be for everyone!

 This cosmetic case is one such beginner's kit. (Cases for eyeglasses, scissors, and phones are also popular, as well as keychains and bookmarks). I went this route because I didn't have time to return an unfinished project to a finisher. To personalize the pattern, I had an expert at the store add the bride's initials. This was still a time-consuming project that required a lot of patience and focus, especially as I wasn't accustomed to the slippery cotton thread it required. The main thing to beware of with these pre-painted kits is that the pattern is not always drawn correctly, so it's very prudent to look ahead and catch any potential trouble spots before you stitch into them. 
I sewed (slipstitch) on a simple fabric to cover up a messy back and protect the threads  

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